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Healthcare tools and equipment commonly used by caregivers

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

A caregiver helping an elderly man take a walk outside with his walker

A list of the common caregiving tools and equipment

  • Safety equipment such as raised toilet seats and grab rails enable the patient to move around easily with little or no assistance and prevent falls. Other safety equipment such as walk-in tubs, non-slip bath mats, and bed rails also help prevent the patient from falling. These equipment are easy to use and not complicated for the caregiver to understand how to use when handling the patient.

  • Fall detection devices and smartwatches- These devices make it easy for the patient to call for help whenever they fall. For the smartwatches, most of them are fitted with fall detection software which summons help quickly after the user presses the ‘confirm fall’ button on the screen. Fall detection devices are normally worn on the wrist like a smartwatch or around the neck. When the patient falls they just press the button and call for help.

  • Video calling software-Making a video call to your loved one on a daily basis when you are unable to be with them helps alleviate the feeling of loneliness. It also helps you monitor their progress and you are able to detect changes from an early stage. Knowing how to operate this software is important for a caregiver as you help the patient keep constant communication with their family.

  • Medication management and documentation software-For the caregivers working for health care agencies, these software documents document their daily activities on the apps provided by these agencies. Knowing how to accurately and effectively use these apps is important because it helps management keep track of the daily condition of the patient as well as their daily medication intake. For the caregivers working privately as healthcare professionals, it's important to come up with a way to document the daily condition of the patient as well as the daily medication intake. One can achieve this by writing these activities on a notepad from the phone and uploading it to Google Drive or iCloud on a daily basis.

  • Walkers-walkers are important in giving the patient stability when walking. A walker can either be wheeled or just a standard walker. A caregiver having knowledge of how to help the patient use the walker effectively is important as it helps the patient walk with stability using minimal effort.

  • Hoyer lift- this equipment is very helpful for patients who are bed bound. It helps the caregiver safely transfer the patient from either the bed to a bath chair or recliner chair. Most caregivers are taught how to use this equipment during their training. If you encounter a patient using a Hoyer lift and you feel like you are not sure how to use it, you can always go on YouTube and remind yourself how to use it by watching the videos. Never try to operate a Hoyer lift if you are not sure of how to use it as you can end up dropping the patient or injuring them which is way worse. Either go on YouTube and watch videos on how to use the Hoyer lift or consult a professional around you who knows how to use it.

  • Vital signs gadgets- these include a pulse oximeter(for measuring patient’s oxygen levels), glucose monitor(for measuring blood sugar levels), thermometer(for measuring temperature), and blood pressure monitors and cuffs(for measuring blood pressure). A caregiver needs to know how to use these gadgets effectively so they can know when the patient is deviating from his or her baseline and attend to them if possible or call for help depending on the situation.

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