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About my Blog
How I got Started, and What to expect from my blog

Being a caregiver has been a rewarding journey for me. I started this blog so I can share information that I did wish was easily available to me or the clients that I have taken care of in the past in one place and also because I believe that sharing information and exchanging ideas is key to improving and changing today’s world.

My blog is a place where caregivers can always be informed on issues such as how they can improve the services they provide,  how anyone can get started as a caregiver as well as how to pick the right caregiver that meets their needs.

My blog is also a place where the general public and families that have someone that needs care get information about health and healthcare services.  Also, Connecting and sharing this information with the world is what brought me to start Caregiver 101.

Ever since I launched this project, the blog has been thriving and has quickly gained a loyal following. To see what I’ve been up to, browse my site, learn more about what makes me tick and find out what excites and interests you, as well.

Nice Nurse
Taking a Shower
Elderly Patient In Wheelchair And Caregiver
Comforting Hands
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